The First One’s Always The Hardest

Honestly, I initially cringed at the idea of starting a blog, because it felt a little too much like something 13-year-old Sydney would do when she was feeling even more pretentious than usual. I’m not under the delusion that I’m filled with original ideas no one has said before. I know that I don’t really know anything. And if I don’t have anything truly valuable to put out there, why would I write a blog?

But still I find myself wanting to write.  I often want to share my opinions, especially when I feel strongly about them. And very rarely, I think that I might have something other people would like to hear.

This led to me writing a few very long Facebook status updates. And then writing even more that got deleted before I posted them. Because I realized that Facebook is not the proper outlet for those things. A blog seems like the better choice. The perk of a blog over Facebook is that I’m not forcing myself onto anyone’s News Feeds; I’m just here, in my own little place. You can come join me if you so desire. And if you don’t, I still like you. (Really!)

So, here we are.  I’m happy to have you along for the ride. Want to get an idea of who I am? Check out my About Me page. Want to know what “paradox” I’m referring to, and where the site name came from? There’s a page for that too.

And, because I’m much better expressing myself through art than through words, there will eventually be a second portion of this site. My art page will include the cartoons that I usually stuff in a bottom drawer in my apartment. Those little comics are a way I process my thoughts and turn the craziness that is my life into something a bit more humorous and entertaining. Those will eventually be found on the currently under-construction page “Life, Illustrated”, as I post them.

Now, I’ve gotten the awkward first post done. We’ll see where it goes from here.


In other news:
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