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I’m Sydney. If you’re on this page, it probably means you’re interested in who I am, which is cool, so thanks!

The name of this blog comes from the fact that I’ve been called a “paradox”. (Read more about that here.) I want to help you learn to embrace the paradoxes in your life. I think the first step in doing that is to be as honest as possible about who you are – your quirks, your struggles, your strengths, and your aspirations. No matter how weird or impossible they may seem!

I think you’ll be more open to my opinions and thoughts on this blog if you feel like you know me a bit. So, here’s a simple introduction with a few things about me. I hope it makes you feel a bit more at home here at EtP. Feel free to drop me a line and introduce yourself, as well! I’d love to hear from you.

About Me:

  • I’m a senior in college, and I’m majoring in Music Theatre, which means I get paid to stand up in front of large groups of people and let them watch me do stuff for hours at a time.
  • I’m incredibly introverted, and I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. This means that my idea of hell is, well, standing up in front of large groups of people and letting them watch me do stuff for hours at a time. I deal with extreme stage fright, and yes, I’ve had panic attacks on stage before. This is one of those paradoxes that is actually way more common than you might think. (Am I right, fellow introverted-theatre-kids?)
  • When I’m not in class or working, I like to draw and make cartoons of my life. I’m also an amateur animator. Emphasis on “amateur”.
  • I’m a huge geek. I’ve been an avid comic book reader since I was 9, and Marvel has my heart. (Spider-Man is my favorite hero, with Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde of the X-men coming in at a close 2nd and 3rd.) I also love basically all the nerdy things you can think of. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings…name a fandom, I’m probably in it.
  • I’m an Autoimmune Princess. I’ve been dealing with health problems ever since I can remember. I have psoriasis and various autoimmune problems which my doctors still can’t quite figure out. (Most recently, my doctor dubbed them “borderline lupus and/or undiagnosed autoimmune disorders”. Helpful, right?) Basically, my body gets really confused a lot and tries to attack itself.  It’s actually pretty metal.
  • On the plus side, this autoimmune disorder actually gives me a superpower. My skin regenerates approximately 8x faster than normal people’s skin does, so if I get a cut or something, I heal way faster. In other words, I’m pretty much a cuter, less angry Wolverine, but without the adamantium skeleton and claws.
  • I like to think if pasts lives were a thing, I would have been a physicist at some point. I have been studying physics on my own for several years and I especially love quantum mechanics. My favorite physicist is Richard Feynman. But fair warning: don’t send me links to articles with radical headlines backed by pseudoscience. I know you think I’ll like them. But actually, it’ll cause me to “Hulk-out” in a rage, and I’ll dive into an hour-long rant about how my pet peeve is the way popular pseudoscience is ruining quantum physics. It’s a fault I have, and I’m working on it.
  • If I were a Jedi, my lightsaber would be blue. BUT if we’re going on the expanded universe meanings of the lightsaber colors, it might actually be yellow like the ones used by Jedi Sentinels. I’m actually proud of how nerdy that sentence was.
  • I’m on a stringent diet – most similar to the Paleo diet – because of my health.  Also, I’m allergic to a lot of random stuff. Celery, for instance. Seriously, what kind of person is allergic to celery? It’s like, 80% water! But the point is, if you need help learning to eat on an autoimmune friendly diet, I’m your gal! I’ve had years of experience, and I’ve developed all sorts of tips and tricks.